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If you are not sure about the need to hire a Virtual Assistant, then note down everything you could delegate to someone throughout any one day, had you thought about it.


Then, if you think you could use the time more productively, call me on

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Struggling to get the paperwork done?  Resenting time spent away from the real heart of  your business?

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?


Do you struggle to get all your paperwork done?  Do you resent time spent away from the real heart of your business?


There are many reasons for hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Here's what people are saying

A professional specialising in administrative & secretarial skills.

"Kate keeps the show on the road with her excellent admin skills! Kate has picked up our existing systems quickly and efficiently, and then has worked directly with us to establish new systems where required. And importantly for me, Kate is personable and friendly and her communication with existing or potential clients and teachers has always been fantastic and in line with Maitri's ethos. I have had nothing but positive comments from people who have dealt with her acting on Maitri's behalf. She has a genuine interest in and support for what we do."





Claire Ferry, Maitri Studio Belfast

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a Virtual Assistant:


  • You are often away from the office so important work is not being completed.

  • You know you could really move your business forward if only you could focus more on what you, and only you, can do.

  • You need help digging out of the administrative pile.

  • You know that you need help but you can’t afford to take on more staff.

  • You don’t want the stress of recruiting, hiring and training a physical assistant.

  • You have no premises or a shortage of room and equipment.