The benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

Cost effective and increases sales & profits.
Flexibility and access to skills & experience.

Frees up time – you can forget about administrative chores and focus on what you do best.


Value for money – you only pay for the agreed number of hours or for a project, meaning everyone is kept busy. You can easily monitor your costs.


Flexibility – whether you need a lot of help every week or just a few hours a month, a Virtual Assistant works to suit your needs.


Access to skills and experience – a Virtual Assistant can offer skills in administration and secretarial skills, planning and organisation.


Cost Effectiveness – you won't need to worry about of the following when you hire a self employed Virtual Assistant:

  • National Insurance or PAYE

  • Holiday, sickness or pension costs

  • Training or development costs

  • Agency fees

  • Health and safety concerns

  • Extra office space or equipment


Increase sales and profits – allows you to work on revenue generating tasks by using your time more efficiently.

Why use me as your Virtual Assistant?

By now you’ll be looking for the right Virtual Assistant to help your business, not questioning whether you need one at all. You need someone who is experienced, focused and flexible.  Somone who can communicate clearly and work flexibly with you to make sure your business stays on course.


Let my professionalism and adaptability to your environment take the pressure off you.


Hiring me as your VA is an investment that frees up your time, skills and energies to make you more money or to be more efficient.  Like building any business, you need to weigh the cost and need, but you must also be willing to invest in order to grow.